7,6 g/cm3


Magnet production

and magnet circuit design

We offer our customers an extensive expertise on magnet production and related technology. Our quality is made to last a long-term usage in demanding conditions.

Focus in production of big magnets

Neorem Magnets can offer both sintered NdFeB magnets and magnet assemblies. All our NdFeB material is manufactured at our factory in Ulvila, Finland. We are focused on the production of big magnets, radial and axial flux machine magnets and very small magnets for sensor applications. Our coating options include nickel, tin and various epoxies.


Magnet assemblies, for example magnet pole elements for wind turbine generators, are manufactured at our automated factories in Finland and in China. For magnetizing, handling and measuring large-scale magnet systems we have all the needed special equipment.
Magnet Assemblies   Permanent Magnets

Special products and services

In addition to NdFeB permanent magnets, we can supply SmCo, AlNiCo and ferrite magnets sourced and quality controlled by our subsidiary in China. Furthermore, we can offer technical and consulting services related to permanent magnets and their applications.

Refer to our powder metallurgy process

The use of permanent magnets in everyday life

Wind mill generators
Pulp and paper machines
Propulsion motors for ships and oil rigs
Electric motors of hybrid cars
Elevators’ electric motors
Industrial electric motors
Car Airbags
Cell phones
Holding applications